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According to the Indian Ministry of Women and Child Development, 2 out of every 3 children in India will experience some sort of abuse. Shocking, right? And that’s not all. While all kids in India are at risk, children in residential care are one of the most vulnerable populations, often becoming victims of neglect, trauma, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. While residential homes can care for basic needs, like food, shelter, and schooling; many other emotional, spiritual, social, and psychological needs go unmet. Caregivers in residential homes do their best to protect and raise children, but they also have unmet needs. Burn-out, lack of training, and understaffing are just a few of the major problems they face every day. Kites Global works with children and caregivers in residential homes, empowering the home to bring positive change for both populations.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if children who live in residential care were protected from future abuse and able to heal from past abuse? What if care providers had the support and capacity to do their jobs well? And what if India could move towards de-institutionalization? At Kites Global, we’re working to bring positive change to residential homes across Maharashtra. Our vision is to see children and their care providers equipped and empowered to achieve physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wholeness. In order to realize that vision, we work to eradicate child abuse and neglect by investing in children and their care providers through treatment, advocacy, and preventative services. We hope someday to see all the children in India become safe and valued.

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When girls are rescued out of sex trafficking, they are sent to residential homes. When parents die and family members are unwilling to take care of the children, they are sent to residential homes. When parents are too poor to care for their children, they send them to residential homes. When kids break the law, they are sent to residential homes. But sadly, these homes tend to be a short-term solution. All too often, trafficked girls and juvenile delinquents go back to the streets, poor children return to lives of poverty, and orphans go back into the world with no community or family connections. We began Kites Global because we believe that kids need more than a roof over their head. They need love, stability, community, encouragement, and opportunities for growth and development. We want to see kids soar!

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Posted by admin, October 8, 2013 12:05 am

A little action can bring a lot of love.

November 2015

It doesn’t take much to make a big difference for one person. This year, we plan to bring gifts, games, snacks, smiles, crafts, skits and a message of love to over 300 children in orphanages and more than 50 caregivers. But we simply don’t have the money in our budget to fund this Christmas celebration!

If you want to send the message of love to these kids, consider giving a little (or a lot, we won’t stop you!) to make it happen!
Our goal is $2200/£1431/₹1,42,600.
Will you help us reach it?

Follow progress on the Candy Cane Meter on Facebook!


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