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According to the Indian Ministry of Women and Child Development, 2 out of every 3 children in India will experience some sort of abuse. Shocking, right? And that’s not all. While all kids in India are at risk, children in residential care are one of the most vulnerable populations, often becoming victims of neglect, trauma, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. While residential homes can care for basic needs, like food, shelter, and schooling; many other emotional, spiritual, social, and psychological needs go unmet. Caregivers in residential homes do their best to protect and raise children, but they also have unmet needs. Burn-out, lack of training, and understaffing are just a few of the major problems they face every day. Kites Global works with children and caregivers in residential homes, empowering the home to bring positive change for both populations.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if children who live in residential care were protected from future abuse and able to heal from past abuse? What if care providers had the support and capacity to do their jobs well? And what if India could move towards de-institutionalization? At Kites Global, we’re working to bring positive change to residential homes across Maharashtra. Our vision is to see children and their care providers equipped and empowered to achieve physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wholeness. In order to realize that vision, we work to eradicate child abuse and neglect by investing in children and their care providers through treatment, advocacy, and preventative services. We hope someday to see all the children in India become safe and valued.

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When girls are rescued out of sex trafficking, they are sent to residential homes. When parents die and family members are unwilling to take care of the children, they are sent to residential homes. When parents are too poor to care for their children, they send them to residential homes. When kids break the law, they are sent to residential homes. But sadly, these homes tend to be a short-term solution. All too often, trafficked girls and juvenile delinquents go back to the streets, poor children return to lives of poverty, and orphans go back into the world with no community or family connections. We began Kites Global because we believe that kids need more than a roof over their head. They need love, stability, community, encouragement, and opportunities for growth and development. We want to see kids soar!

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Posted by admin, October 8, 2013 12:05 am


November 9, 2016


We’ve got the Center! After navigating a web of logistics, Kites in Mumbai was able to rent this great little flat as the launch pad for its Life Transition program.  Located just a couple minutes from a local train station, it will be easily accessible to both orphanage graduates and our excellent volunteers.

Kites is basing its interventions here on a Therapeutic Mentoring system. Each care leaver will have a Mentor who helps assess their needs, develop their goals, and meet their goals in spiritual, social, emotional, physical, educational, vocational, housing, and legal areas.  Kites is also building a peer support network, so that orphanage graduates can support each other as they transition. And to top it off, Kites is raising up community volunteers to step in and provide some of that crucial sense of connection and family.

At this spot, we will be able to welcome graduates and build trusting relationships with them.  Can’t you just picture a group of young people gathered on the couches, encouraging one another as they search for jobs?  Or, a Mentor meeting one on one with a struggling young adult and providing that listening ear and caring heart?

As you can see, the Center is still in its early days…the plastic isn’t even off the chairs yet! Will you help us furnish and staff it?


One of the challenges that almost every orphanage we work with faces is conflict among its staff members. As everyone knows, conflict in the work place is a normal part of life. And when you work long hours in close quarters with lots of children and teens, the opportunities for conflict grow exponentially! Staff often leave orphanages because of unresolved conflict; and witnessing conflict among their caregivers can negatively affect the children as well.

Kites Nashik conducts a group therapy course that focuses on learning positive conflict resolution strategies. We just recently completed the course in an orphanage. This personal testimony shows just how important the group therapy can be.

“After having participated in this group therapy, I now take time to understand the other person and the reason behind their behavior. I try to analyze the situation before saying anything. I have learned to control myself, and to compromise, and not let the feeling of anger last for a long time.”

Another caregiver said, “I have learned how conflict affects me. I have learned when to pause in a conflict, and when to speak, and how to handle a situation of conflict better. As a team, this group therapy has been very helpful for all of our team members. The conflict among us has reduced, and now we take time to understand one another better. Now we focus less on ourselves and our conflicts, and we can give more time and effort to help the children.”

Here at Kites, it thrills us to hear those words! Caregivers who are equipped and trained are making life better for orphans.

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